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Author: Steve Nelle | Duration (hr:min): 13:33 | Language: English | 1DVD | Released on: 9/25/2007 | Exercise files: Yes | Size : 1.5GB

Whether the goal is to create action-packed video games, corporate logos, mechanical assemblies, or elaborate architectural visualizations, 3ds Max 9 Modeling teaches the appropriate methods. Instructor Steve Nelle explains how to model all kinds of objects with the software's vast array of modeling tools. Using hands-on examples, Steve discusses and demonstrates the building process from start to finish. Real-world projects are incorporated throughout the course to highlight key concepts and techniques. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.
Topics include:

* Understanding the model-building process
* Comprehending the geometry of modeling
* Editing with 2D and 3D shape commands
* Extruding objects
* Lathing objects
* Lofting objects
* Creating a low polygon human character
* Creating architectural objects
* NURBS and Patch modeling
* Booleans and other compound modeling techniques
* Adding and minimizing geometry
* Grouping, attaching, and linking objects
* Merging and importing files

Table Of Contents
How to use this title
Using the exercise files

1. Introduction to Modeling
Understanding the building process
Introducing the interface
Modeling with precision
Aligning with precision
Using reference material
Using Lights to your advantage
Using Cameras to your advantage
Using Materials to your advantage
Arc rotation options
Important rendering techniques

2. Modeling Geometry
Shapes (2D) vs. objects (3D)
Sub-object geometry types
Sub-object selection methods
Sub-object transformations
The Ignore Backfacing option
The Soft Selection feature
Surface Normals

3. Introduction to 2D Spline Modeling
Creating shapes
Editing shapes commands
2D spline modeling pitfalls
Edit Spline vs. Editable Spline

4. Extruding Objects
Drawing a shape to extrude
Extruding pitfalls
Start New Shape and attaching shapes
Nested shapes
Creating a nested shape logo
Animating nested shapes
Creating text
Extruding vs. beveling text

5. Lathing Objects
Lathing pitfalls
Drawing a shape to lathe
Lathing a shape
Using the Outline command
The Shell Modifier
Changing the lathe axis

6. Project: Lathing a Tire and Rim
Creating the tire and rim shapes
Lathing the shapes and adjusting the lathe axis
Building the inside rim
Finalizing the tire and rim

7. Lofting Objects
Shape vs. path
Lofting issues and problems
Lofting multiple shapes
Loft deformations
Animating loft deformations
Mapping a lofted object
The Sweep Modifier

8. Project: Lofting a Screwdriver
Creating the loft shapes
Lofting multiple shapes
Finalizing the screwdriver

9. Introduction to Polygonal Modeling
Creating basic geometry
Edit Mesh vs. Editable Mesh
Edit Mesh vs. Edit Poly
Sub-object vertex commands
Sub-object edge commands
Sub-object polygon commands
Subdivision surfaces
Deform Paint

10. Modeling with Modifiers
FFD (freeform deformation)
Applying modifiers at the sub-object level
Copying and pasting modifiers
Important modifier stack issues

11. Other Compound Modeling Techniques
Boolean issues and considerations

12. Project: Creating a Electrical Part Using ProBooleans
Creating the objects
Combining multiple Boolean operations
Animating the Boolean

13. Project: Polygonal Modeling a Jet Plane
Using reference images
Modeling the body
Modeling the front and back wings
Modeling the nose cone and front intake ports
Modeling the tail and exhaust ports
Modeling the cockpit
Modeling the wing intake ports
Modeling additional details

14. Project: Polygonal Modeling a Human Character
Using reference images
Setting up the reference image planes
Modeling the boot
Modeling the pants
Modeling the torso
Modeling the arm
Modeling the hand
Attaching the hand
Roughing out the head
Adding detail to the head
Modeling the neck
Finalizing the character

15. Creating Architectural Objects
Creating walls
Creating doors
Creating windows
Creating railing
Creating stairs
Creating foliage

16. Introduction to Spline and Patch Modeling
Introduction to patches
Working with patch splines
Creating and editing patch surfaces

17. Project: Patch Modeling an Alien Spaceship
Using reference images
Modeling the fuselage
Adding detail to the fuselage
Modeling the wing
Adding detail to the wing
Finalizing the spaceship

18. Introduction to NURBS Modeling
Creating NURBS curves
Creating NURBS surfaces
Creating NURBS surfaces from curves
NURBS blends and fillets
NURBS curves on surface

19. Project: NURBS Modeling a Submarine
Using reference images
Modeling the body
Modeling the side fins
Modeling the tail
Modeling the tower
Modeling the antennae
Finalizing the sub

20. Cloning Methods
Copying objects
Instancing objects
Referencing objects
The Make Unique option

21. ''Gathering'' Methods
Grouping objects
Attaching objects
Linking objects

22. Adding and Minimizing Geometry
The Tessellate Modifier
The Optimize Modifier

23. Merging and Importing Files
Merging 3ds Max files
Importing other wireframe file formats
Importing Illustrator files
Importing CAD files
Working with corrupt scene files


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